Offshore Services

Navium has its expertise in all areas described above and capability of accomplishing some marine engineering works were, such as: semi-Submersible’s (drilling or work over units) mobilization plans and theirs mooring patterns study, installation vessels availability and materials.
Co-ordinate the tasks of planning, drew up a purchase equipment/materials list, mooring design and installation procedure for Semi-Submersibles (drilling, work over or production units).
Risers and Mooring Installation Engineering, taking part in a FPSO turret moored project phases, such as: purchase and technical mooring line specification, mooring line design and make up, turret arrangement, installation procedure and FPSO installation.
Purchase and technical specification, mooring line design and make up, SPM body design, offloading design, installation procedure and buoys installation for Offshore Terminals, like as SPM Buoys or Multi-buoy System. Design, purchase and technical specification for an offloading system, considering its shuttle’s mooring system and the hose line. Design, purchase and technical specification of anchoring points (conventional anchors, VLA”s etc). Supervision job on board of Anchor Handling Vessels and Diving Support for installation or maintenance works.


Modec International LLC: installation contractor for the projects FPSO Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, FSO Cidade de Macaé, FPSO Cidade de Niterói and FPSO Cidade de Santos – mooring and risers installations procedures; logistics and materials specifications; anchors installation surveyor.

Prosafe: FPSO Polvo – Mooring Masters for towing and positioning.

Petrobras: four more Pelikelos (350 ton) to perform torpedo lauching.